The Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Sustainability Competition recognizes the outstanding achievements in sustainability for California museum projects in two areas: public education, or internal operations projects. The competition is the joint project of the sponsors, the California Association of Museums (CAM) and the California Natural Resources Agency. We look forward to recognizing projects whose impact on sustainability serve as models for the field.


Eligibility All types of museums are invited to submit entry forms, including zoos, aquariums, science centers, children’s museums, botanical gardens, and historical societies. Each museum that enters must be located in California and be a legally organized nonprofit organization or government entity. Foundations, friends groups, or services organizations that collaborate with multiple museums to administer the program are also eligible.  Museums of all sizes are encouraged to apply. The Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Sustainability is designed to recognize a wide spectrum of impact by the museum community. 
Projects can fall into one of two sustainability concept categories; public education, or internal operations, that were conducted between January 1, 2017
and December 31, 2017. Applications for 2018 programs will be available in Spring of 2019. No entry fee is required. CAM membership is encouraged, but not required.
Entry Instructions (click here)
Selection Process Prior to referring the entries to the California Secretary for Natural Resources for final selection, a Selection Committee will score the entries based on the following criteria:                  · Concept (maximum 4 points),                  · Evidence of Excellence (maximum 4 points),                  · Planning / Evaluation (maximum 4 points), and                  · Innovation (maximum 4 points).
All entrants will be notified of the award results in late June 2018. The winning programs will be presented with their awards by the California Secretary for Natural Resources John Laird (or his designee) at a CAM event on August 13, 2018. The Representatives will give a short presentation about their award-winning program that same day. The winner will also receive statewide recognition through CAM and the California Natural Resources Agency, which may include announcements in CAM e- News, a press release generated from the California Natural Resources Agency, and information on the competition sponsors’ websites and social media networks.
Contact Information
For questions or additional information, please contact:
 Jessica Monahan, Program Manager
California Association of Museums
P.O. Box 1455
Santa Cruz, CA 95061-1455 Phone: 831-471-9970 x105