Session (60-75 minutes): Traditional sessions have a moderator or a facilitator and a maximum of three speakers, often with contrasting perspectives, institutions, or experiences. The moderator or facilitator introduces the topic and helps create discussion or introduce the various presenters and their perspectives. The moderator may also serve as one of the presenters. The session concludes with a general question and answer period or other type of interactive experience. 



The Program Committee evaluates session on the following criteria to ensure the conference program offers a comprehensive, objective, and diverse treatment of issues:

Quality of Content (comprised of Proposal Title, Description, & Learning Outcomes)
Field Relevance
Engagement Strategy
Speaker Lineup

Please review the proposal outline to better understand the review criteria.  Proposals will be reviewed by CAM’s Program Committee in the summer preceding the annual conference.  The deadline for 2019 Proposals is May 11, 2018 at 11:59pm.

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The review the Program Committee goals, return to the Call for Proposals page.  

Session Proposal REFERENCE form
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