Friday, March 6, 2020

Registration is required for all Dialogue Lunches. We recommend registering early, because they usually sell out. Choose from the options below.

11:45 AM - 1:30 PM

Cost: $45 (includes lunch)

Location: Bunker Hill

SOLD OUT - Collections Conundrums

Introductory / Collections 

Facilitator: Joy Tahan Ruddell, Vice President, Board of Directors, Camron Stanford Historic House Museum

Description: What burning questions do you have for other collections professionals? What issues do you have at your museum that you could use colleagues’ assistance to solve? How can you offer your assistance to other registrars in the field? Come to this Dialogue Lunch and meet with other collections and registration staff to talk through all your collections conundrums.

SOLD OUT - Museum-Corporate Partnerships in Current Societal Climate

Intermediate / External Affairs

Facilitator: Angela Richards, Wildlife Campaign Grants Associate, WildAid (formerly Development Analyst, Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art)

Description: Our federal administration has put many policies in place that have impacted government funding as well as individual and foundation giving to museums. Does this moment in time present an opportunity for museums to better connect with corporate partners? This Dialogue Lunch will include a lively discussion around whether the current societal climate and/or internal and external corporate reputations have impacted the frequency and nature of museum-corporate partnerships.

Widening Our Gaze: How to Incorporate Culture into Science Education

Intermediate / Multidisciplinary 

 Facilitator: Kathryn Sinor, Education Director, Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

Description: Why didn’t NASA send a woman into space until 1983? Why did the U.S. employ a Nazi rocket scientist? How do our personal biases change the programming of a robot? In this Dialogue Lunch, discuss how to include cultural perspectives in science education and collections, and why it’s important.

SOLD OUT - Small Museums, Big Challenges

Intermediate / Multidisciplinary 

Facilitator: Christine Stokes, Executive Director/Curator, Coronado Historical Association

Description: Small museums can feel like islands apart from the museum community. This Dialogue Lunch offers the chance to meet and network with your small museum cohort. Join a group of small museum colleagues as we work through your big challenges unique to small museums.

SOLD OUT - What Will Museums Be Like in the Future?

Introductory / Multidisciplinary 

Facilitator: Caroline Evans, Board Member, Bay Area Emerging Museum Professionals; Ruth Cuadra, Business Applications Administrator, Getty Research Institute*

Description: In order to survive and thrive in times of change, museums need to be adaptable, creative, and confident. Join in this Dialogue Lunch as we explore how museums can prepare for the future. Dive into topics such as: How will the public expectations of museums change? How will technology change the museum experience? What skills will future museum workers need?
*Note: There will be two separate tables, each with one facilitator, for this Dialogue Lunch.

From Subject Matter Expert to Digital Skills Master

Introductory / Museum Operations 

Facilitator: Kathryn Cody, Manager of IT Educational Technologies, The J. Paul Getty Trust

Description: Do you need to build digital competencies in your organization quickly? Do you feel like you need to learn constantly to keep up with technology? Don’t have dedicated staff to help train your colleagues? Join this Dialogue Lunch on building learning activities for digital skills. You will leave the discussion with ideas for how to build grassroots learning activities.

Second Responders, What’s Next?

Introductory / Multidisciplinary 

Facilitator: Michaeleen Gallagher, Director, Education & Environmental Programs, Annenberg Foundation Trust

Description: As a follow up to the Puerto Rico Story Session, we invite participants to take the next step in collaborative preparation. Let’s share experiences, capture challenges, opportunities and forge a path where cultural institutions, as second responders, lead in preparing their communities to respond to Climate Change extreme events.

Super Tuesday Results and California Politics

Introductory / Multidisciplinary 

Facilitator: Jennifer Fearing, President, Fearless Advocacy

Description: Right on the heels of Super Tuesday, this informal Dialogue Lunch will discuss the results of the election and the implications for California politics, nonprofits, and museums. The discussion will be led and informed by Jennifer Fearing, President of Fearless Advocacy and the lobbyist in Sacramento representing CAM and CalNonprofits.