Museum Legal Toolkit

Project Description

CAM is pleased to offer a new resource for members: contract templates for museums.

CAM partnered with Stanford Law School’s Organizations and Transactions Clinic to produce and offer free access to sample legal documents. The templates, which were prepared by Stanford students and their clinic instructors, draw on examples made available by the American Alliance of Museums and by several of our member museums, and on other sources. CAM plans to continue working with the clinic on developing additional templates over time.

Important: Limitations and Use

These are sample documents made available by CAM as a resource for its members on the basis set out in the Terms of Use below.

Please note: these documents are examples and sources of ideas only, and are not designed for a museum's particular situation. Neither CAM nor the clinic is providing legal advice to you, and we do not guarantee that the templates fully reflect current law or are otherwise appropriate for your needs. CAM encourages a museum or other person considering use of these documents to first seek the advice of a lawyer.

Please note also CAM will not be making available Word versions of these templates due to capacity limitations and in line with the principle that these materials are samples and sources of ideas, not ready-to-use forms.

Terms of Use & Access to Templates

Please read the Terms of Use below before downloading a contract template. For clarity, accessing or using this site in any way, including reviewing, copying, or downloading any templates, constitutes and confirms your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. Access to the templates is easy: just click the relevant link for direct PDF download.

We hope you find this is a useful resource, and we welcome your feedback.

Copyright License Agreement
(Adobe PDF File)
Deed of Gift
(Adobe PDF File)
Deed of Gift and License
(Adobe PDF File)
Incoming Loan Agreement
(Adobe PDF File)
Pledge Agreement (Binding)
(Adobe PDF File)
Promise of Gift Agreement
(Adobe PDF File)
Purchase Agreement
(Adobe PDF File)

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6. Legal Clinic Support

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CAM worked with the Organizations and Transactions Clinic (“Clinic”) at Stanford Law School (“SLS”) in developing the Materials. For purposes of these Terms, the term “Stanford Parties” means the Clinic, SLS, Stanford University, and the instructors and students in the Clinic.

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