Media Production & Installment Intern (Paid, Part-Time)

Oakland Museum of California

Oakland, California

The Media Production and Installation Intern will participate in the ongoing maintenance of media-based exhibits in the museum’s galleries. You will have opportunities for hands-on experience working with media installations in a museum setting; participate in troubleshooting and repairs to media-based installations and interactive exhibits; and work closely with experienced professionals to learn about techniques and specific equipment used in museum exhibitions.


You will learn about and gain direct experience in:

  • Weekly maintenance of gallery media equipment
  • Assisting with the upkeep of the museum’s media equipment inventory
  • Performing troubleshooting to identify and solve problems when they occur
  • Assist with the installation or de-installation of scheduled media rotations
  • Video projectors, multi channel audio installations, video monitors, media players, microscopes, iPads, Mac Mini’s, formatting protocols and networked controllers

 Paid, part-time, internship starting 6/17/19, Deadline to apply: 2/22/19.


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