Conservation Biology Apprentice (Part-Time, Temporary)

San Diego Natural History Museum

San Diego, California


The San Diego Natural History Museum science research apprenticeship program provides training and mentoring in curation, imaging, databasing protocols, and collections-based research to students, to prepare them for continued advancement in biological sciences, which can translate to career pathways in academia and research, as well as biological consulting.

The Conservation Biology Apprentice will contribute to a project focused on understanding the current state of biodiversity in San Diego urban canyons. Potential tasks include the following: preforming manual digitization to map canyons, compiling and organizing environmental, biodiversity, and other types of data associated with canyons, and field site visits to photo document and ground truth digitization efforts. Apprentice will also be expected to create a final report or presentation on their work. Apprentices will receive daily instruction, guidance, and follow-up for all tasks assigned.

HOURS: Up to 275 hours total. Flexible schedule. Some remote work may be possible.
PAY: $16.30/hr

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