Strategic Framework

The CAM Board of Directors approved a new strategic framework in March 2016. Our new vision is "Stronger museums create a stronger California". 


We are proud of the accomplishments that resulted from our previous strategic plan - most notably the establishment of the Snoopy License Plate. Through the perseverance and drive of the License Plate Committee and the CAM staff, California museums have a new and long-term funding source to serve our communities. 

On the heels of these successes, we move into a new phase of growth for CAM. Many of our valued programs and services will continue, but we are unveiling new technology and exciting strategies to engage, collaborate with, and serve California museums. 

We believe CAM plays a unique role in unifying our field for collective action. The strategic framework will guide an annual planning process, allowing CAM to be proactive and nimble in our efforts to strengthen museums. 

Thank you for participating in CAM and supporting our vision to strengthen museums and the dynamic state we live in.