2019 CAM Fellows: Public Programs

Part 2 of our 2019 CAM Fellowship program webinar series includes case studies with a Public Programs discipline, focusing on creating responsive spaces in exhibitions and incorporating native voice in museum education programs.


Presenters: Sara Smallhouse & Jamie Nord
Thursday, May 23, 2019 11:00AM - 12:00PM

The CAM Fellowship program offers alumni of the Getty Marrow Undergraduate Internship program the opportunity to attend the annual conference and develop case studies based on sessions that inspired them. These case studies offer expanded understanding of California museum programs that were presented during the conference and provide suggestions to apply lessons learned in your own institution. Join us in two webinars on Wednesday, May 22nd and Thursday, May 23rd to hear our 2019 CAM Fellows present their findings. The presentations are divided by discipline of the case study topic. Wednesday's webinar has an External Affairs focus, while Thursday's will explore topics relating to Public Programs.

Thursday Presenters:

Sara Smallhouse, Board Member, Museum of Northern California Art
The Santa Cruz MAH's Community Issue Exhibitions as a Model for the Inclusive Museum: At the core of changing museum narratives is inviting underrepresented communities and letting them tell their own stories. This case study explores this idea through the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History community issue exhibitions. These issue-driven exhibitions not only give underrepresented communities a voice and welcome them into the museum space, they also promote advocacy.

Jamie Nord, Anthropology Curatorial Intern, San Bernardino County Museum
Incorporating Native Voice in Museum Education: This case study of the Barona Cultural Center & Museum presents a discussion of how tribal museums are developing hands-on educational programming that can be incorporated into other museum institutions for alternative methods of educating youth about Native culture. Tribal museums can influence education within the public school system by retelling the history of California through Native voice.

This event is part of CAM's Lunch & Learn free webinar series.

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The CAM Fellowship program is funded by The Getty Foundation

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5/23/2019 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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