Entry Instructions

All entry forms must be submitted online before May 25, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. Each entry must include the following components to be eligible:
    · Completed online form
    · Narrative in Word or PDF format, no longer than four typed pages,
    · One or two photographs in JPG format, and
    · Up to two letters of support or other documentation, in Word of PDF format (optional).
Prepare and assemble your narrative, photograph(s), and entry form information according to the instructions below. When ready to submit your entry, go to the following URL: and click on “Submit Entry Here” at the bottom of the page. Immediately after submitting an entry, entrants will be redirected to a submittal confirmation page and receive an email notification.

Narrative Requirements
The narrative is a separate document that must be ready to upload when submitting your entry form.
The narrative must be four (4) pages or less in length (see additional requirements below).
The narrative must address the following questions, in the following order:
Institutional Profile: Provide general information about your institution. This may include mission/purpose, annual number of visitors, description of the collection and/or exhibitions, and other information relevant to your concept. (Recommended length: 100 words or less)
Concept Description: Provide a description of the concept. This may include goals and outcomes, and concept design, how the concept supports your institution’s mission, and other relevant information. Description should include information on collaborative efforts internally amongst various department or externally with community stakeholders, depending on the project. The concept should embody principles of sustainability and resiliency.
Statement of Excellence: Provide a narrative describing how this concept represents excellence and/or is a model of innovation. Describe how the program reflects professional museum standards, diverse perspectives, meets the needs of its audience and reflects institutional commitment to sustainability and resiliency.
Innovation and Evaluation: Include evidence of innovation shown by the degree to which the concept is or could result in more than incremental change for the institution and/or the museum field. Describe the processes used to create the concept and/or evaluate its effectiveness.
The font type and size must be Arial 12 in the narrative text. The margins must be at least ¾” on the right, left, top, and bottom, on a standard 8 ½” by 11” white page. Paragraphs may have either a first line indent of five spaces, or may be separated by a blank line. Use of black-and- white or color tables, charts, and/or photos is allowed. The font size for text that appears in these graphic images may be smaller than the Arial 12 font required for narrative text; however, the font size must not be smaller than Arial 8. Applications that fail to adhere to these instructions may not be reviewed. If additional pages or attachments are added beyond the allowable four pages, the additional pages and/or attachments will be removed before the application is reviewed.
The narrative should be uploaded in the following format:
            · DOC, DOCX or PDF format
            · No more than four (4) pages in length
            · File naming convention (30 characters or less): Part or all of the museum name should be referenced. Example “museumofart_narrative.doc” or “museumofart_narrative.pdf”
Photograph Requirements
Each entrant must submit at least one (1) digital photograph as part of its electronic entry package. A second digital photograph is optional. The photograph should capture the spirit, personality, and special qualities of the program.
Each photograph should be uploaded in the following format:
    · JPEG format
    · 300 dpi resolution (minimum)
    · File naming convention (30 characters or less): Part or all of the museum name should be referenced. Example “museumofart_photo.jpg” or “museumofart_photo2.jpg”
Supporting Documentation Requirements
Each entrant has the option of submitting one (1) or two (2) letters of support, thank you notes, and/or other supporting documents from participating teachers or students. Each document must not exceed one page in length. These supporting documents are not required. The documents should help demonstrate the effectiveness and special qualities of the program.
The optional supporting document(s) should be uploaded in the following format:
    · DOC, DOCX or PDF format
    · No more than one (1) page in length
    · File naming convention (30 characters or less): Part or all of the museum name should be referenced. Example “museumofart_supdoc.doc” or “museumofart_supdoc2.pdf”
Competition Policies
All entry materials become the property of the competition sponsors and entrants agree to allow CAM and the California Natural Resources Agency to use photographs of the winning program, at no charge, in publications, announcements, and presentations about the award and/or the competition. Entrants warrant that they have the right to allow such use. Institutions will be credited in any published reference to the winning entry.