CAM supports appropriations in the State budget that will help California museums serve their communities. For example, CAM has advocated for increases in funding for the California Arts Council and the California Cultural and Historical Endowment. To learn how you can support increased funding for the California Arts Council, see Californians for the Arts.

CAM has taken the lead in advocating for funding CCHE's Museum Grant Program. The purpose of the Museum Grant Program is to assist and enhance the services of California's museums that undertake cultural projects that are deeply rooted in and reflective of underserved communities. This competitive grant program funds small projects in art, history, and science museums of varying sizes. Proceeds from the Snoopy Special Interest License Plate support the grant program.

#PlanYourVisit with your State Legislators

California museums are reopening after months – or even over a year – of being closed to the public to prevent the spread of COVID-19. CAM encourages you to lean on your state legislators to rebuild the public’s confidence in museums as safe environments. You can help by inviting your state legislators to visit your museum the week of May 24th and asking them to post about their experiences on social media. Or, if they have limited time, they could just pop-in for a photo opportunity. Be sure to demonstrate that your museum is following all public health protocols, such as requiring the wearing of face masks. Your elected official can post about the museum visit on social media, share photos from the visit, tag your museum, and use the following hashtags: #MuseumsForMasks, #PlanYourVisit. Want more pointers?

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Update on State Budget and $1 Billion for Arts & Culture

On May 14th, Governor Gavin Newsom presented his $100 billion California Comeback Plan, the "biggest economic recovery package in California history". Although there are exciting possibilities in the Governor’s budget for artists and the creative industries, disaster planning for collections care, and marketing funds for tourism, it did not include the $1 billion budget request being spearheaded by CAM, California Arts Advocates, and NIVA CA. Senators Ben Allen and Susan Rubio and Assemblymembers Laura Friedman, Adrin Nazarian, and Sharon Quirk-Silva are committed to the $1 billion budget proposal. CAM, our partners, and our broad coalition will work with the Administration and the Legislature in the coming weeks to increase the State's investment in the recovery of the arts, culture, and creative industries.

More than 500 arts organizations, independent venues, museums, local governments, service organizations, trade associations, and unions joined the coalition formed by California Arts Advocates, NIVA CA, and CAM to ask Governor Newsom and the California State Legislature for an unprecedented $1 billion investment in arts, culture, and creativity. The proposed stimulus and transformational investment in California’s arts and cultural sectors will help overcome the challenges of COVID-19 restrictions and have a positive impact on jobs creation, the economy, and tax revenues. Collectively, we are creating a movement that will help our sectors and California’s communities recover, rebuild, and pursue a more equitable future.

The ecosystem of arts, culture, and creativity in California is vast and impactful, representing over 8% of the Gross State Product. The sector relies on revenue from live events, indoor attractions, gatherings and group participation, which has largely been shut down for over a year to stop the spread of COVID-19. According to some reports, the arts, entertainment, and recreation sectors will not fully recover from this public health crisis and muted economy until 2025. To fully address the recovery of our sector and to help stimulate economic activity, state advocates are building a coalition to support $1 billion in stimulus funds. 

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