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The CAMMY Award recognizes extraordinary museum supporters, professionals, and institutions that have made outstanding contributions to California museums. Each year, the award highlights the excellent work of an individual or group at the CAM conference in one or more of the following areas:
Leadership: This category recognizes sustained excellence and extraordinary leadership by an individual museum professional or organization. The individual or museum is recognized for their leadership in the California museum field and serves as a model for others.
Patronage: This category honors altruism and extraordinary museum patronage by recognizing exceptional financial generosity; support for collections, exhibitions, or programs; and volunteer leadership and stewardship.
Service to the Field: This category recognizes sustained excellence and extraordinary service by an individual or an organization that has benefited the California museum field as a whole.
Past Recipients
California Cultural and Historical Endowment (2016, Service to the Field)
Legler Benbough Foundation ( 2015, Patronage)
Jean Schulz (2014, Leadership)
Getty Leadership Institute (2013, Service to the Field)
Pasadena Educational Foundation (2012, Leadership)
Marcy Friedman (2012, Patronage)
Bank of America (2011, Patronage)
Target (2010, Patronage)
Wells Fargo (2009, Patronage)
California Academy of Sciences (2009, Leadership)
John F. Kennedy University (2008, Service to the Field)
Ed Able (2007, Leadership)
U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (2006, Service to the Field)
California Senator Richard Alarcon (2002, Legislative Support)
Mrs. Sharon Davis, First Lady of California (2001, Service to the Field)
Packard Foundation (2000, Patronage)
Edward Robings, Director, Ventura County Museum of History & Art (1999, Leadership)
J. Paul Getty Museum (1998, Leadership)
Institute of Museum and Library Services (1997, Service to the Field)
Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco (1996, Leadership)
James Irvine Foundation (1995, Patronage)
Huell Howser, Director/Producer of KCET’s California’s Gold (1994, Media Coverage)
For more information, contact Celeste DeWald, CAM's Executive Director, at cam@calmuseums.org.