Creative Stations

Creative stations are opportunities to show off your cutting edge, hands-on programs that bring innovation to the museum field. Now more than ever, museums are engaging their audiences through hands-on projects that highlight their mission or collection. Show the CAM community what your museum is doing by bringing your activity to the CAM Conference.  Creative stations are two hour blocks where participants can drop in and participate in a creative activity.  These stations provide conference attendees the opportunity to step outside of a traditional session and participate with museums who are creatively engaging with their audiences.  CAM has seen a diversity of activities since this started several years ago.  Everything from robotics to story boarding and digital photography have been part of creative stations.  Join us this year and bring the hands-on activities you use at your museum that can serve as inspiration for your fellow colleagues.  

Maker stations are evaluated equally on four key criteria:

1.  Museum Audience Learning Outcomes: What do you want your museum participants to take away from this activity?  Does this activity connect to relevant state or national standards (CA Content Standards, Common Core, NGSS, STEM, etc)?
2.  Relevance to Conference Attendees : How is this activity relevant to museum professionals?  How do you hope to see other professionals benefiting from participating?
3.  Institutional Connection: How does this activity support your mission and/or enhance your ability to communicate your mission or collection?
4.  Ease of replication: How reasonable is it for another museum to take components of this project and replicate it in their home institution? How much staff (or volunteer) time is needed to make this activity possible? 

The deadline for 2017 has passed.  Keep these programs in mind for 2018.  Applications for 2018 should be available late summer 2017.

Each participating museum will receive two single-day discounted registrations of $15 each. This fee includes admission to sessions, conference breaks, and registration materials.

For additional information or questions contact:
Jessica Monahan
Program Manager
California Association of Museums
(831) 471-9970 X105