Science Day Camp Leader


San Mateo, California

Seasonal: June 6 – August 26, 2016
CuriOdyssey is a serious science playground inspiring the next generation of critical thinkers.  We have a fantastic opportunity to work as a seasonal Science Camp Leader which help children acquire the tools to deeply understand the changing world. 
Science Day Camp Leaders facilitate camp activities, in a way that is engaging, fun, and safe.  They serve as role models, establish a foundation of knowledge, provide tools for personal discoveries, model inquiry, and create meaningful learning experiences. 
The Leader reflects CuriOdyssey’s institutional personality and values and is creative, curious, and responsible.  An effective Science Day Camp Leader understands and respects learners of different ages and abilities, recognizes that learning is a process, and leads campers through activities in a way that allows the camper to drive his/her own learning.  
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